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( The worship of Naga and Practice of Kalari are the identity of Nair society.)

                                           “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitha”


Why do we need this institution?

  • Sanatana Dharma is the adhistanam of the Nair community. It is this substratum that represents the essence of our being and for that reason alone the community’s unique perspective on Dharma must be preserved.
  • Custodianship and preservation of our spiritual culture marks our reverence to our ancestors. The dissemination of that culture to future generations is their birth right.

Our Philosophy- Parampara Vamshanukramam

  • Even under the reverential sphere of light of our Nilavilakku, ignorance may route us to undertake any number of things both good and bad. But we must remember that, in the ambit of its glorious brilliance, our Kutumba samskara is the lineal inheritance that our pitrs have gifted to us (our parampara vamshanukrama). To choose to undertake activities that are inconsistent with the precepts of our ancestors, and therefore contrary to sanatana Dharma, is to commit papam. If we are to ensure that our inheritance is passed to future generations then we must, by definition, invoke That light to guide us in our journey to develop our pratyaksham and ultimately our viveka jnanam. This institution needs to be that beacon of light.

What are our Core objectives?

The fundamental core objective is to preserve and disseminate our cultural and religious traditions. We seek to do so by providing:

  • Intellectual and cultural exchange and a Programme of annual events
  • A centre for teaching and learning, focussing on spiritual development
  • Documentation and archival of the cultural traditions of the tharavad (the essence of our community), the mode of our worship, the practices of our rites and so forth
  • Assistance with a variety of community service activities related to Nair Hindu Samskaras