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Our Vision

Why do we need this institution? Sanatana Dharma is the adhistanam of the Nair community. It is this substratum that represents the essence of our being and for that reason alone the community’s unique perspective on Dharma must be preserved. Custodianship and preservation of our spiritual culture marks our reverence to our ancestors. The dissemination of that culture to future generations is their birth right.

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Governing Body

Mr. Venugopalan Nair President Mr. Anil Menon Secretary Mr. Vinod Nair Treasurer Dr. K Baburaj Vice President Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair Joint Secretary Mrs. Geetha Lakshmi Pillai Membership Secretary Mr. K S Sreekumar Cultural & Legal Secretary Mr. Harish Nair Assistant Membership secretary Mr. Prakash Nair Assistant cultural Secretary Mr. Athul Sreekumar Youth Co-Ordinator

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About us

The Nair Service Society UK ( Registration no. 0892370) set up on 20th January 2013, is an offshoot organisation stemming from the first Nair Service Society based in Kerala, India. The initial Kerala organisation came into existence on 31st October 1914,set up by social reformer Shri Mannathu Padmanabhan in response to the welfare needs and social advancement of the Nair community in Kerala. The role of the NSS in Kerala has evolved and they now run a number of educational establishments and hospitals. The role of the Nair Service Society in the UK will include the protection and promotion of heritage, including birth, death and marriage customs. NSS UK will also be looking to promote cultural heritage through music, dance and drama, running workshops and holding events open to all communities.As well as these ventures, we look to promote and preserve the values and legacy left by Shri Mannathu Padmanabhan, while addressing the needs of the community.

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