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Dear NSSUK member,

NSSUK would like to cordially invite you and your family to our Onam celebration on Sunday 13th September 2015 from 11am to 4pm at Ripple Center, 121 Ripple Road, Barking, IG11 7FN. There will be various cultural programmes on the day along with an Ona Sadhya which will be served from 12pm to 2pm. There is an entry fee of £8 for single (members), £25 for family (members) and £!0 per person for non-members.

We are also giving the 2014 GCSE and A-level awards. If anyone in your family qualifies for this award please contact us on info@nssuk.org.uk / 07725722715. The last date to apply for this award is 1st September 2015. (Only for members)

Please buy your tickets before 10th September 2015 and cooperate with us for the success of this programme and NSSUK.
Kind regards,

Visit us on www.nssuk.org.uk

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